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Jobs in Switzerland

Jobs in Switzerland

If you are interested in jobs in Switzerland you will find all open positions for English speakers here on

Jobs (1 bis 10 von 88) ...

Mitarbeiter Wellness & Kosmetik (m/w)

Park-Hotel Vitznau AG Vitznau

Fitness-Instruktor/in 20 - 40%

Activ Fitness AG Wetzikon

Fitness-Instruktor/in 20-40%

Activ Fitness AG Rüti

Englischlehrer/in 20-50%, Luzern

Bildung Zentralschweiz

Group Fitness Instruktor/innen für diverse Lektionen in Schwyz

Sport, Kultur und Unterhaltung Zentralschweiz

Fitnessinstruktor/in bis 60%

Sport, Kultur und Unterhaltung Nordwestschweiz

Lehrperson Englisch ca. 70%

Öffentliche Verwaltung Nordwestschweiz

Group Fitness Instruktor/in

Gesundheitswesen Ostschweiz

Jobs (1 bis 10 von 88) ...

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If you know German you might prefer to use an overview of all jobs in Switzerland on Jobagent in German.

Switzerland is a very desirable place to live and work. The beautiful and tranquil alpine country was chosen several times as Nr1 of worlds countries with the highest standard of living. Indeed, Switzerland is a very safe and well organized country with a steady going economy even in when many other European countries struggly with their economies. Thus, it is not suprising that Switzerland has become an attractive work destionation for foreigners. Jobs in Switzerland offer high salaries, a lot of vacation (at least 4 weeks a year) and many other benefits. The question is only, how does one get ahold of a good job in Switzerland? 

Plenty of available jobs in Switzerland

There are currently about 100'000 available jobs in Switzerland. Most of jobs in Switzerland that might be interesting for foreigners can be found in the area of the three biggest cities Zurich, Basel or Geneva. Since many international companies and organisations are headquartered in Switzerland or at least have offices here, there is a great need for people speaking foreign languages. In addition to their professional skills, expats should emphasize their special language skills when applying for a job. Of the 100'000 jobs in Switzerland

  • 25'000 require English skills
  • 10'000 require French skills
  • 2'500 require Italian skills
  • 400 require Spanish skills
If you know a somewhat more "exotic" language like Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese or Russian you definitely have a USP! Make use of it!

How to apply for jobs in Switzerland

Applying for jobs in Switzerland is different than applying for jobs in the US or the UK. Just as other customs and traditions differ from place to place, so do the customs and unwritten rules of the job market. If you consider applying for a job in Switzerland remember to follow these guidelines:

  • You don't have to fulfill 100% of the recquired profile for a position. However, if you only bring along half of the required qualifications, you might want to reconsider your application.
  • Follow the instructions for application in the job ad. If requested to apply online you must do so!
  • Make sure your application documents are accurate, complete and up to date. Nothing worse than sending out old and fragmentary CVs!
  • Swiss recruiters appreciate a personal contact before the actual application. Call the recruiter and ask about the job opening and you'll gain bonus points!
  • If you are invited to a job interview make sure you dress adequatly. Now, dress rules might be quite different from where you come from. If you are not sure what to wear, ask some Swiss acquaintances or check out the company website and dress accordingly.
Do not get disheartened by some rejections. Skilled professionals from abroad are still very sought after in Switzerland and you might simply need some patience to find the right job in Switzerland for you!